What is ADS-B? The deadline is coming soon.

What is ADS-B? The deadline is coming soon.

January 1, 2020. It’s closer than you might think. If you are an aircraft owner, this date is important – January 1st 2020 is the “drop dead” date set by the FAA for ADS-B compliance. By January 1, 2020, you must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly in most controlled airspace.

 What is ADS-B? A foundational component of FAA's NextGen system for improving the safety and efficiency of the National Airspace System. Automatic dependent surveillance—broadcast (ADS–B) is a surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked. The information can be received by air traffic control ground stations as a replacement for secondary surveillance radar, as no interrogation signal is needed from the ground. It can also be received by other aircraft to provide situational awareness and allow self-separation.

 ADS-B Out—which will be required beginning January 1, 2020, in airspace where transponders are mandatory today—broadcasts GPS position to ground stations and directly to equipped aircraft. ADS-B In—which is optional—generally refers to transmission of weather and traffic information from ground stations into the cockpit, where it can be displayed on panel-mounted avionics or a tablet, like an iPad.

If you are an aircraft owner, but you’re still deciding on the right ADS-B solution – here’s some advice. Give High Desert Avionics a call today to schedule a date for your install – even if you haven’t decided on what solution would work best in your airplane. January 2020 might sound far off – but the closer the deadline comes, the harder it will be to get an appointment.

  • If you plan to fly in any airspace that requires a mode-C transponder beyond January 2020 – Like the 30 NM mode c veil around LAX, any class Charlie airspace or Class E airspace above 10,000 feet, but not below 2500 feet, you will need ABS-B.

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