About High Desert Avionics

High Desert Avionics began in 1993 in a small, two-room building near Barnes Aviation.Its founders, Jeff Landon and his wife Kerry Landon, had to conduct all of their business outdoors. A year later, they were able to move into their permanent hanger (still near Barnes Aviation) at William J. Fox Air Field in Lancaster, Calif.

“Jeff’s always liked airplanes and he came out and started working on airplanes when he was really young and that sparked his interest in it,” said Kerry Landon, “there was no one out here to do [avionics] so Jeff stepped in and started this up.”

 “We saw a need,” said Avionics Manager Jeff Landon, “and we filled it.”

The current hangar is capable of holding four aircraft at a time, and can accommodate an aircraft up to the size of a Beechcraft King Air; the rest of the work is completed on the flightline. On average, the company works with three to six aircraft per day.

Eventually, they plan to move into an even larger hanger at the south end of the Airport.

High Desert Avionics is a member of the Aircraft Electronics Association.

The company has extensive experience in avionics, serving everything from single-engine aircraft to larger projects such as Scaled Composites’ SpaceShipOne and the Global Hilton Balloon. Other projects cannot be disclosed for privacy reasons. Services include sales, service and custom avionics installations for communication, navigation and autopilot.

The product lines installed are manufactured by Aspen Avionics, Avidyne, Cobham, PS Engineering Incorporated and Garmin. “I can’t think of a better industry to work in, it’s a tough industry but its good,” said Kerry Landon, “it’s a whole different world; we have customers that come from Oregon and Arizona and for them to fly over is not a big deal. Having a good avionics shop is like having a good doctor, you’ll travel to go see who you’re comfortable with, who you’ll be taken care of.”

Jeff and Kerry Landon have been bringing their customers quality service for 18 years. They believe that their customers deserve to be treated with the respect that the Landon’s would also want to receive. “We care,” said Kerry Landon, “we care what they’re doing, we care about their families, we care about the fact they’re safe. I think everyone deserves to be treated like the special people that they are.”